L'avion de chasse F-5 A

L'avion de chasse F-5 A
The most remarkable fact in the Royal Moroccan Air Force history is the role the F-5As played in the attempted coup against King Hassan II on 16 August 1972, when several RMAF officers assaulted their King by scrambling F-5As and shoot their 20mm guns at the Royal Air Maroc Boeing 727 carrying the King from a visit to France. The coup failed however, and a purging took place in RMAF circles. Another interesting fact would be the detachment of one F-5A squadron to Egypt in mid-October 1973, to redeem a promise originally made by King Hassan II to help Egypt in the next war with Israel. The detachment did not engage Israeli forces, but flew combat air patrols inside Egypt.

Vendredi 11 Août 2006

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