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Boeing livre à Egypt Air son premier B777-300ER

Par, le 11 Mars 2010

Boeing livre à Egypt Air son premier B777-300ER
Boeing a annoncé le 9 mars la remise à EgyptAir de son premier B777-300ER. L’appareil a été acquis en leasing auprès de GECAS. Cinq autres appareils de ce type vont intégrer la flotte d'EgyptAir d'ici le deuxième trimestre de 2011.

Le B777-300ER est aménagé en configuration biclasse de 346 places (49 en classe affaires). La flotte d'EgyptAir est constituée de cinq B777-200ER, cinq B737-500 et douze B737-800. Côté Airbus, la compagnie égyptienne possède treize A320, quatre A321, trois A340-200 et sept A330-200 avec une commande pour cinq A330-300 auprès de l’avionneur européen.

Communiqué de Boeing:
EGYPTAIR and leasing company GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) took delivery Monday of the first Boeing (NYSE: BA) 777-300ER (Extended Range) commercial jetliner to join EGYPTAIR's fleet. EGYPTAIR operates a fleet of five Boeing 777-200ERs, five 737-500s and 12 737-800s, with another eight 737-800s on order directly from Boeing. The Egyptian flag carrier is leasing the new 777-300ER from GECAS and will take an additional five 777-300ERs on lease through the second quarter of 2011 to continue upgrading its long-haul service.

"This delivery is a substantial milestone in the history of EGYPTAIR. We will continue to bring the latest to our customers who deserve the best of everything. This is a continuation of the long term partnership with Boeing," said Hussein Massoud, chairman of EGYPTAIR Holding Company. 

"The 777-200ER has always been one of the strongest performers in our fleet for fuel efficiency and reliability. The 777-300ER's additional improvements in fuel efficiency and seat-mile costs will directly benefit our bottom line," said EGYPTAIR Airlines Chairman Capt. Alaa Ashour. "The 777-300ER is an important part of our fleet modernization and growth plans to achieve greater profitability." 

EGYPTAIR's new 777-300ER has 346 seats including 49 lie-flat beds with a 78-inch seat pitch, plus an in-seat entertainment system throughout the cabin. A member of the Star Alliance, EGYPTAIR will operate 777-300ERs on routes to London, Tokyo and North America.

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