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EGNOS benefits demonstrated in MohammedV airport in Casablanca

Par METIS press release, le 25 Octobre 2009

The Euro-Med GNSS project named METIS has started its activities for the demonstrations of EGNOS benefits in the Civil Aviation domain, to be performed in the period October- November 2009.

A first demonstration is aimed at proving the use of EGNOS for the monitoring of moving assets in the airport of Casablanca (Morocco). Airport service fleet equipped with an EGNOS-enabled receiver is tracked from a control centre through a local wireless link.

EGNOS benefits demonstrated in MohammedV airport in Casablanca

A second demonstration is aimed at performing flight trials consisting of EGNOS Approach with Vertical Guidance (APV) operations in the airports of Perugia (Italy) and Çanakkale (Turkey).
An aircraft is equipped with a GNSS/EGNOS navigation platform enabling to run experimental EGNOS APV procedures specifically designed for the two airports. Pildo Labs is in charge of the design of the APV procedure for Çanakkale Airport and avionics installation on board. This  experimental advanced avionics platform will provide pilots with precise guidance during the critical final approach phase of the flight and will record GNSS data for post-processing activities.

The result of the demonstrations will be presented to the Civil Aviation community of the ten MEDA countries, during a workshop in Istanbul (Turkey) to be held in November 2009. METIS final event will be held in Tunis (Tunisia) on the 7th of December 2009. The event will present the project

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