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Zodiac Aerospace is investing 135 million dirhams in Aïn Johra

Par, le 30 Janvier 2009

Zodiac Aerospace Maroc is investing 135 million dirhams towards a new aeronautical project in Aïn Johra, confirming Morocco's advances in attracting investors and promoting the aeronautical sector.

Amidst fears of a slowing global economy, Morocco's burgeoning aeronautics industry continues to attract foreign investment. The ministries of new technologies and finance signed a deal on Monday (January 26th) in Rabat with Zodiac Aerospace Maroc to begin research and production of aeronautical equipment at the Aïn Johra industrial park, for an investment of around 135 million dirhams.
Minister of Trade, Industry and New Technologies Ahmed Reda Chami said that this latest agreement confirms Morocco's calling to be a platform for investment in aeronautical trades. The Minister added that this agreement will allow the creation of 250 direct jobs, a large number of which will be engineering posts.

Zodiac Aerospace is investing 135 million dirhams in Aïn Johra
"A strong presence in national engineering through this great project shows that Morocco has taken another step in the field of aeronautics, which will not stop simply at construction, but will also include engineering and design."
In the past few years, the sector has seen considerable development, growing from near-zero in 2000 to a 250 million dollar industry employing 7,000 people. Seven major areas employ about 75% of those currently working in the sector: cabling, middle management, composites, mechatronics, sheet metals, fitting and machining.

"The rapid development in the sector has been carried forward by benchmark operators in the sector, such as EADS, Boeing and SAFRAN, who have given Morocco credibility as a destination," said Chami.
A number of companies in Morocco are suppliers to European and American-based companies placing orders. Morocco is among those countries where subcontracting has a promising future.

The aeronautical sector is characterised by a strong French presence.
The chairman of the French Union of Metallurgical Trades and Industries, Frédéric Saint-Geoure, said that Morocco's economic and industrial development strategy to support high added-value industrial sectors, such as aeronautics, can only encourage French companies to open other nearby markets.
"The strength of the Moroccan aeronautical sector lies in that it has developed as a network where customers and suppliers are right next door to each other," said Thomas Corbel, manufacturer of aircraft engine components for the Airbus A320 and A340. "With geographical proximity restricting logistical costs, aeronautics subcontractors in Morocco have what they need to deal with the downward pressure on costs."

Chairman of the Moroccan Space and Aeronautical Industries Group (GIMAS) Hamid Benbrahim El Andaloussi is delighted with the development of the sector, feeling that it could not be more competitive. "Morocco has very quickly realised the potential of the fledgling industry that is aeronautics, identifying it as a top-priority strategic sector in its Emergence plan. Training is one of the keys to success in our development strategy for this sector."

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