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ATR to present first ATR '-600 series' aircraft on October in Toulouse

Par ATR, le 8 Septembre 2009

ATR to present first ATR '-600 series' aircraft on October in Toulouse
ATR announce the official presentation of the first ATR ‘-600 series’ aircraft, an ATR 72-600, at a ceremony which will take place on October 1st in Toulouse.

The new ‘-600 series’ programme for both models, ATR 72-600 and ATR 42-600, launched in October 2007, is progressing accordingly to the scheduled calendar.
The first ATR 72-600 aircraft started its flight trials campaign on July 24, 2009 after being powered-on in December 2008.

Flight trials for the first ATR 42-600 aircraft will take place next year. These two aircraft should make some 150 and 75 flight hours respectively in order to test the new equipment, including a new avionics suite and the most modern navigation aid tools. The ATR ‘-600 series’ aircraft, powered with PW 127M engines, take an additional 500 Kg on MTOW (Maximum Take-off weight) and MZFW (Maximum Zero Fuel Weight).

These aircraft will feature the lowest fuel consumption per passenger and the lowest CO2 emissions, thus positioning themselves as the most ecological solution for regional transportation.
Furthermore, the ATR '-600 series' is to be fitted with a new cabin, currently under development, offering the most modern standards of comfort and design. According to plan, certification will lead to the entry into service of the first commercial ATR 72-600s and ATR 42-600s in 2011.
Today, two years after the launch of this programme, ATR has already booked orders for 59 ATR ‘-600 series’ aircraft (5 ATR 42-600s and 54 ATR 72-600s).