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Dubai Airshow: Delivery of a Citation XLS+ to ENNA in Algeria

Par Cessna Company, le 18 Novembre 2009

Dubai Airshow: Delivery of a Citation XLS+ to ENNA in Algeria
Cessna Aircraft Company announced today at the Dubai Airshow the delivery of a Citation XLS+ to the Établissement National de la Navigation Aérienne (ENNA) of Algeria.

The aircraft will be used by ENNA to fly flight inspection missions for the maintenance and calibration of Algeria’s aerial navigational equipment, using the industry-leading Norwegian Special Mission (NSM) calibration system.

ENNA general inspector Mahmoud Menbenkhelil said, “After an extensive selection process, we chose the Citation XLS+ as a proven aircraft in the demanding conditions of north Africa. The XLS+ embodies the optimal combination of performance, quality, efficiency and value that we need for our work in Algeria.
“Furthermore, by operating such a modern aircraft, with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and the state-of-the-art calibration system, we can execute our plan to market our flight inspection services to other countries in the region.”

Trevor Esling, Cessna’s vice president, International Sales, added, “The Citation XLS+ is very popular in the Middle East and Africa, and is well-suited to the role of flight calibration given its stability at low speeds and altitudes – a key requirement for flight inspection missions.”

The Citation XLS+ is part of the mid-size Excel/XLS family. The aircraft features the fully-integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite and electronically-controlled engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The Citation XLS+ travels at up to 817 kilometers per hour (441 knots) with a range of over 3,441 kilometers (1,858 nautical miles). At maximum takeoff weight, the XLS+ can fly from runways as short as 1,085 meters (3,560 feet) at standard sea-level conditions.