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Moroccan Air Force Selects Goodrich DB-110 Airborne Reconnaissance System

Par Goodrich Corporation, le 15 Juillet 2008

Goodrich Corporation has received a contract from the U.S. Air Force to provide its advanced DB-110 airborne reconnaissance system for the Royal Moroccan Air Force's (RMAF) new Block 52+ F-16 fighters. The Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract calls for Goodrich to provide four F-16 reconnaissance pods, data links, multiple ground exploitation systems and related support services. Work will be performed by the company's ISR Systems teams in Chelmsford, Mass. and Malvern, UK.

Goodrich's DB-110 digital, real-time, tactical reconnaissance system allows pilots to capture images day or night using electro-optical sensor technology. Images can then be transmitted to analysts on the ground in real time. The system has been selected by six NATO and major non-NATO ally nations, and has flown successfully on F-16s operated by the Hellenic and Polish Air Forces. In addition, it is in use on the U.K. Royal Air Force's Tornado attack aircraft and the Japanese Marine Self Defense Force P-3C
maritime patrol aircraft.

Moroccan Air Force Selects Goodrich DB-110 Airborne Reconnaissance System

Tom Bergeron, President, ISR Systems, Goodrich, said, "The DB-110 system represents the highest reconnaissance capabilities within NATO and provides full interoperability among NATO nation operators. Successful experience on F-16 aircraft in both Greece and Poland assures that the RMAF
can expect to receive a high-performance, low-risk proven solution."

The DB-110 is the most advanced electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance pod available for the F-16, providing a long-range, high-resolution, stand off imaging capability to support tactical operations. The on-board system can be operated autonomously, with the DB-110 being controlled by the pod's reconnaissance management system.

Imagery is viewed on the F-16's cockpit video display, enabling the pilotto verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessment. The real-time display also gives the aircrew the ability to seek out targets of opportunity or select a different route to a selected target.

Morocco is acquiring 24 Lockheed Martin Block 52+ F-16 advanced multi-role fighters under the FMS program.

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